How to Mount TV on the Wall in Easy Steps?

None can deny that in giving your room or place a classy, revamped look, wall-mounted TVs are the best. You have bought a new TV, now what? Before starting to watch a big game or your favorite movies, you have to find a good place to mount your TV on the wall. 

However, with a bit of knowledge and a few steps, you can surely do it. So, here are some easy and fast steps for you to mount your TV on the wall.

Decide the Position

Usually, viewing angles are important to achieve the best picture quality. So, consider the right location carefully. 

Move the stud finder across the wall till it indicates that it has found a stud. Then mark the place with painter tapes in order to remember the position. 

However, if you are finding it difficult to proceed, you should contact the Tv Wall Mounting Service East London or any Television Installation Service In East London.

Mark and Drill Pilot Holes 

Put the mount up to the wall. Make sure it is straight. Then use a pencil to make some light marks where you are going to drill the holes in order to attach it to the wall. 

Attach masonry bits to your drill and drill holes, using the mount, where you marked.

Attach the Mounting Bracket 

Hold the mount to the wall. Now, drill the mounting screws into pilot holes you made. But, remove the stand from the TV first. 

After that, locate the attachment holes of the mounting plate on the back of the TV. Attach the back of the TV to the plate with the included hardware. 

Mount Your TV 

Get a partner for this step. Carefully, lift up the TV. Remember to not use force from the back but from the legs. 

Line the mounting plate on TV up with the wall bracket. Now, connect them by following the manufacturer’s instructions. They vary sometimes, so always take a look at them.

Though these steps are easy to follow, if you find it difficult, contact any professional television installation services or any tv mounting service in East London near you. 

Bottom Line

A wall-mounted TV adds class and style to your place and makes it look spacious. Due to which, many people try to avail of the services of any professional person, which is not affordable for everyone. 

But you can do it all by yourself very quickly. Mounting a TV is not very hard work but it needs total care. So, always remember to follow every step calmly and with instructions. So that you do not have to do it again and again. Read and follow the mentioned steps in order to mount your TV on a wall by yourself. 


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