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CCTV Home Security System


Make Your Home Secure With CCTV Camera Installation 


Ever wonder about augmenting security around your place to ward off unwanted guests and intruders? Your quest ends here. Secure Me First is a premium company that provides reliable CCTV/security camera installation services to its clients. We employ qualified technicians who are equipped with modern gadgetry to provide comprehensive security solutions. They lay out a detailed plan to mark strategic security points, and then install cameras to enhance your security and well-being. We are committed to offering unmatched services and customer care that sets us apart from other local CCTV installation companies in Hertfordshire. We understand the needs and concerns of our clients and try to forge a relationship based on trust and mutual development. That’s why our company has extended its line of service and offers the best outdoor CCTV camera services in St Albans, Luton, Buckinghamshire, Park Street, Solihul, Bedfordshire to its clients. Whether it’s day or night, you don’t have to worry about trespassers stepping inside your property without your expressed consent. You can monitor and customize cameras and tweak other security options through your smartphone or tablet. We welcome feedback from our satisfied clients who have always awarded us with positive online reviews and ratings. For free quotes within 24-hours, contact us now!


Home Security Is Everything!


Home security is essential to enjoy your life with your loved ones. With the increasing concern among homeowners, it is necessary to fortify your home and its surroundings. Secure Me First is a trusted name to its clients for residential CCTV installation work. As a top-tier company, we hire qualified and licensed technicians who are equipped with sophisticated tools to enhance your home security. Our work includes studying the complete layout and marking points that are most vulnerable. We strive to ensure your complete control over whoever comes inside your house. Our CCTV services are more advanced than other security camera systems. We offer customization options so that you can monitor and review your premises remotely- all you need is an internet-enabled smartphone or a tablet.

CCTV Repair and Maintenance

Appliances and equipment are prone to wear and tear until it finally breaks down. The same goes true for CCTV cameras and related gadgetry. When you are on the lookout for CCTV repair and maintenance, Secure Me First can help you get out of troubled waters. We are a renowned company that offers innovative security solutions to its clients. There a number of factors that can contribute to the deterioration of the CCTV camera units. To save you from costly replacements and purchases, we offer quality and durable repair services. Our licensed technicians are highly qualified and are equipped with the latest tools to repair and maintain malfunctioning camera units. We strive to ensure the quality of work so you have uninterrupted security in your place. Our repair and maintenance work is defined by the conclusion of the job under stipulated time and budget. We are aware of the predicament our clients get in when their security camera systems fail. That’s why we are committed to bringing quality and longevity to the apparatus. Our adherence to strict code and complete customer assistance makes us one of the best CCTV repair and maintenance companies in your vicinity. To know more about our work, contact us!


Professional CCTV Installers!


For years, we have provided unmatched products and great aftercare to our clients. Our residential CCTV installation is distinguished from our competitors based on our use of modern products and support systems. Our security solutions provide you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy life without worrying over the soundness of your home and estate. To secure your appointment, visit our website right now or give us a call!

CCTV Home Security Systems Installation

TV Wall Mounting


Make your Home More Beautiful with Best Tv Wall Mounting


For the best viewing experience, a tv screen should be mounted at a particular height and angle. You don’t enjoy much of your favorite shows if watching them takes a toll on your physical health and comfort. Secure Me First has always been a trusted name to its clients for tv installation & wall mounting services. We believe in enhancing the tv watching experience by properly mounting the tv. We employ qualified and licensed technicians who are equipped with all the modern tools to give you the best services. Our technicians will come to your place at your preferred time and install your LCD or LED screen according to your specifications. Our tv wall mounting service covers all the bases such as connecting all required basic video and audio components to your tv, connecting necessary peripherals for a great experience, and offers complete wires and cables management services-neatly dressed wires to prevent entanglement and cluttering. We provide timely services by reaching at your place at the agreed-upon time and finishing our work according to the commitment. We promise that your walls and interior will not look the same. For the best tv installation and wall mounting services, hire us!


Give a Perfect Look To Your Television Installation 


After purchasing a brand new tv, the first problem you run into is how to install it properly to enjoy favorite programs and shows. The best course of action is to hire a professional service to securely mount tv on your wall or ceiling or the place of your choice. Secure Me First offers the best tv installation services in different areas of Hertfordshire like St Albans, Luton, Buckinghamshire,  Park Street, Solihul, Bedfordshire. Using the latest equipment and vast experience in the field, our technicians provide the best wall mount TV installation service. We keep in mind the layout of the place where you want to mount the tv and assist you in making a well-informed decision to enhance your tv watching experience. A properly mounted tv not only let you enjoy your time but also enhance the interior décor of your place. For years, we have offered clean and secure television installation services to our clients with cordial aftercare. Our tv installing services cover wall mounting, integrating all the necessary audio and video equipment to your tv, connecting all the peripherals, and neatly dressing all the cables and wires.

TV Mounting

Get your Mount installed for your TV


Who doesn’t like to have a new TV? We all do, right! But there are many things to consider before getting a TV installed in your home. First of all, it is necessary to select the best place, then the furnishing, and most importantly, hide the wirings. It’s quite a work, isn’t it? Well, now you do not need to worry about any of these issues, because Secure Me First is right here to provide you with state-of-the-art wall mounting and TV installation services. We can give you suitable suggestions for the selection of the installation place. Our technicians will mount and install a TV unit for you and hide all the scattered wires nicely. In the end, you will get a sophisticated TV in your lounge with precise finishing. We offer complete assistance to our clients throughout the installation job to give them peace of mind. We believe in fair and professional dealings to achieve maximum clients satisfaction. Our clients revere us and award us with the best online reviews and ratings for our work. For the best local tv repair service at an amazing price, visit our website or feel free to call us now or any time you need our assistance!

We strive to achieve maximum clients’ satisfaction by abiding by the norms and standard practices. For the tv installation service, feel free to connect!

Satellite Dish Installation 


Get a Satellite Dish Installation at Affordable Rates!


Getting uninterrupted reception from satellite tv is important if you want to enjoy your favorite tv programs. To achieve this, it’s important to hire a professional Sky dish installation service. Secure Me First is a reputed company that offers smart solutions to its clients. Our qualified technicians are equipped with modern tools and equipment. We know that it is important to clear the pathways between source and receptor for continuous signals. With the rising skyscrapers in urban neighborhoods and unchecked fauna in the suburbs, it is getting harder for consumers to keep the path clear. We ensure the perfect reception of signals for our clients by installing Sky dishes in the strategic points where they get proper alignment with the satellites. Apart from installation, if you have a malfunctioning unit with problems like poor signal reception or any electrical issue, we are more than willing to take a look at it and offer a quick fix. Our sky tv installation & repairs services offer durability at an amazing price. For sky dish installation and repair services in different areas of Hertfordshire like St Albans, Luton, Buckinghamshire,  Park Street, Solihul, Bedfordshire, visit our website or contact us!

Satellite Dish Repair Services


Due to environmental factors such as harsh winds and heavy torrential rains, people often lose signal reception and experience poor image quality on their satellite tv. These factors can interfere in both terrestrial and satellite signals. Secure Me First offers complete technical assistance in fixing your malfunctioning unit. We hire qualified and licensed satellite tv engineers for satellite dish repair services to help you in getting rid of freezing or pixelating tv channels at your place and get your tv working again. Our engineers will be at your place at the designated time to run a full diagnosis of your tv system. When we find the problem, our aim will be to fix the issue and get you the best signal reception in your area. Using state-of-the-art equipment and precision tools, we are capable to give your digital tv system a necessary boost so that you can enjoy your tv programs and shows without any disruption. We are also more than capable to repair or replace malfunctioning apparatus such as water-logged junction boxes and misaligned disks due to heavy rain or harsh winds. We are committed to enhance tv-watching experience of our clients through dexterity and diligence. So, contact us now!

Our Sky tv engineers are abreast of modern trends in satellite trajectory and trace its signal path on the earth.

Satellite Dish Repair Services


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